Big Ten fans are just as important as students and athletes they serve. And with notable moments dating back to 1896, the conference wanted to find a better way to share that legacy with the fans who love them. To bring their academic and athletic achievements to life and create a memorable experience for fans, Big Ten called on proven winners and experience experts, Dimensional Innovations.

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Where do we begin? With one hundred years of conference history, The Big Ten Experience is packed with celebratory exhibits for fans to touch, play, listen and watch. Since we know how important first impressions are, we created a giant B1G to welcome fans “home” to explore the experience. And because everything bigger is better, The Big Ten Theater provides fans with a larger than life immersive behind-the-scenes, audio and visual experience highlighting top Big Ten moments on and off the field.

Want to know what it feels like to catch a game-winning pass? Fans can do that and more with interactive AR, Game On! Dream of being a Heisman Trophy winner? Strike a pose and be champ for a day. With so much to see and do at The Big Ten Experience, fans will call for a re-play.


Tasked with bringing 100 plus years of history to life, Dimensional Innovation successfully created a space for fans from fourteen different schools to call home and celebrate their biggest conference achievements. Thanks to the teams at Mortenson Construction and TeamWorks Media, DI helped Big Ten leave a winning footprint in the hearts of all their fans.

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