Our philosophy is that there are two major “ingredients” that make a live sporting event unique and give it a competitive advantage over other entertainment options: the players and the fans. Our clients focus on the players and competition, but it’s our job to understand the fans.

Even with the risks of COVID-19, we believe the recipe remains the same as we focus on these two key components. However,  many discussions and proposed solutions out there are skipping too far ahead, and focused purely on meeting local, State or Federal guidelines.

We wanted to talk to the fans and uncover the true, underlying fears and concerns of those who would typically attend a live sporting event. This feedback and insight has the capacity to inform our communication and planning strategy going forward.  Recognizing that this fan sentiment is also changing by the day, our approach includes gathering this information repeatedly over time.


DISTRIBUTE THE SURVEY: Send the web survey to student or fan populations; screen respondents based on sports attendance or interest in sports.

RE-SEND THE SURVEY: Knowing that sentiment changes over time, our survey is distributed three times over a series of months to measure any changes.

ASSESS THE INFORMATION: Based on the information collected from the survey, we can develop solutions catered to our fans and students needs.


Recently, Drew Berst (Collegiate Sports Practice Director, DI) and Kevin Boully (Senior Litigation Consultant, Persuasion Strategies) joined NACDA to discuss the first and second rounds of survey findings.

These sessions examined why independent, surveying experts are vital for understanding human needs and determining the right steps to help bring back live events. By conducting multiple surveys over time, we were able to understand what fans are truly concerned about. With that baseline of information, they discuss how our approach can be more smart and thoughtful in the adjustments we make to live events, while minimizing the negative impact on the competitive advantages live events offer.

Now armed with survey knowledge, our clients are starting to acknowledge and speak to the true fears and concerns of their attendees, and plan for low-cost, temporary/semi-permanent, layered solutions that address concerns and abide by required existing guidelines. Following this layered approach allows for solutions to be altered or removed as sentiments and risks change.

Please contact us if you would be interested in participating in our fan research effort for FREE (click here or email Drew Berst a dberst@dimin.com).