When Andy Rieger, his wife Lucy and their business partner Ryan Maybee decided to resurrect the J. Rieger brand, they were committed to doing it right. Originally founded during the late 1800’s in Kansas City’s bustling Livestock Exchange district, J. Rieger & Co. returned to their stomping grounds and purchased a new 60,000 square foot flagship distillery for operation. In addition to a fully upgraded production area, the team at J. Rieger and Co. wanted to create an experience for visitors that shared their incredible history of creating, bottling and serving.

Technology +

Starting with their story front and center, the 3,000 square foot historical exhibit features hundreds of artifacts in custom vitrine display cases, digital learning displays, informational signage and expert design craftsmanship. The goal of the space? Playing the long game. In order to cultivate lifelong brand ambassadors for J. Rieger & Co. from their visitors, the approach shifted from direct ROI to immersive storytelling. We didn’t just want to sell them in the gift shop — we wanted to sell them on the experience of being a part of this historic distillery.


With frequent tours, events and tastings on the schedule for the distillery, they team at J. Rieger & Co. are bringing back the energy to the East Bottoms district of Kansas City in a dramatic way. Not only is their new location serving as an opportunity to share their story with tasters and cocktail connoisseurs—creating an invested and passionate fan base—but their top-tier attraction has invited and allowed new businesses to flourish in the surrounding area. And we’ll cheers to that.

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