America's Pastime Goes High-Tech with Fan Engagement

June 1, 2017

Baseball, the all-American pastime, is as classic as it gets, but classic certainly doesn’t mean old school. Several MLB teams have stepped up to the plate this year by bringing the latest technology to their fans.

After their historic 2016 World Series victory, the Chicago Cubs opened a new 8,400-square-foot retail store. The store is located in a new destination just outside of Wrigley Field for fan engagement set with a massive, wall-sized TV to watch a live feed of game while browsing the selection. Dimensional Innovations created a 4K photo booth where you can snap a photo of yourself behind your favorite Cubs scene, and then have the photo sent directly to you via email to share online.

Virtual reality is another great choice for fan engagement. Any die hard fan wants to feel like they’re on the field in the center of the action. VR makes that possible by giving fans the full experience. The White Sox launched their own headset, Sox VR mask, this spring. The White Sox VR content can be updated regularly, with the ability to film new footage and turn it around for the following day.

On a larger scale, the Atlanta Braves asked Dimensional Innovations to create a jaw-dropping 22-foot giant baseball sculpture outfitted with an impressive 360º NanoLumen LED display in their adjacent entertainment district, called The Battery Atlanta. Because who doesn’t want to watch the game on a giant baseball? And if that’s not enough, the giant red stitching is illuminated, so it can bask in the afterglow of an evening game.