Creative Tech KC: The future will have robot bartenders

May 3, 2018

We went to the future. Turns out it was in Kansas City.

Dimensional Innovations hosted the second-ever Creative Tech KC Happy Hour in association with the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City. The purpose of the event is to bring creators together to show off their work, seek out collaborators and get inspired to create even more great stuff. This is even more exciting as Kansas City becomes home to a growing community of creators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Encouraging ingenuity and innovation is baked into DI’s everyday practice. A large part of that is recognizing that creativity isn’t strictly the domain of those who have “art director” or “designer” in their job title. And on the flip side, the technological expertise to execute creative concepts isn’t exclusive to engineers and programmers. There are a lot of folks whose sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. This event was for them.

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John Doe - CEO, Acme Inc.

DI’s own Brandon Wood and J.D. Hillen presented our recent work for Health House, a local KC rowing studio. They gave a behind the scenes look at how we transformed a gym with projection, workout tracking, and live visual feedback. John Kreicbergs from Propaganda3 unpacked his game-theory-driven process behind creating the Boulevardia App which turned an entire festival into a playable (and winnable) experience. The headliner for the evening was KC musician Eems who creates live loop-based compositions with his voice, beatboxing and ukulele.

In addition to the three featured presentations, attendees were invited to take the stage for rapid rounds of three-minute project pitches and to share whatever they wanted. This group of nine brave presenters did not disappoint. Their projects included a voice-activated robot bartender (yes, really!), a machine that turned working out into an intense immersive experience, LED holograms, 3D-printed wearables and much more.

It was a fantastic opportunity to glimpse the groundbreaking work being done right here in Kansas City. We can’t wait for the next one.