Healthcare is the most advanced it’s ever been in many ways—scalp cooling to preserve hair during chemo, wearable contacts that can monitor glucose levels through tears, using 3-D visualization and augmented reality for surgery…seriously, it’s amazing—but the facilities they’re housed in are frequently falling behind.

The resources available to healthcare facilities are doubly important, especially the staff they depend on to give the best care available. Disengagement of employees can be detrimental; 250,000 people die from medical errors each year, more than every other cause of death, except heart disease and cancer, respectively.

Improving healthcare environments to be comfortable and engaging for caregivers and patients enhances their care, in turn leading to better clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction rates. Engaging environments and technology are no longer luxury features, rather they have become necessities.

We’ve gathered up some of 2017’s prevalent trends and where we see those trends moving into 2018.

To learn more, download DI’s full 2018 Healthcare Trends Forecast below.

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