COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with the world around them. Your audience—whether they’re comprised of fans, employees, guests, or a mixture—is going to have a different approach to returning to the norm.

In a survey recently performed by Dimensional Innovations in partnership with Persuasion Strategies, our team was able to identify some of the foremost issues on people’s minds. These responses then inform our solutions, helping us focus on what will make a difference. We divided these solutions into four categories:

Health of Those Around You

Cleanliness of Surroundings

Social Distancing

Touchless Interactions

At Dimensional Innovations, we believe that we best maintain a competitive edge when we’re looking ahead. In this report, we’ve included a series of concepts and solutions rooted in smart technology and data that actively address the concerns and needs of both your clients and employees.


Room Density + Health Indicators

Clean Room Reminders

Live Digital Portal

Portable Modular Partitions

Collaborative Clean Surface Rolls

Built-In Cleaning Supplies

Hands-Free Exit and Entry Points

“The Soapbox” Hand-Washing Experience

Hygiene Stations

Interactive Sink with Light Integration

Hallway and Door Directional Queues

Branded Multi-Tool

Medical Grade Pass-Through Cabinets + Contactless Concessions

Crowd-Based Temperature Monitoring

Gesture-Based Interactives

Personal Device Interactives


Feel free to download the preview report or request a full copy by clicking the links above to dive into each of the concepts presented above and the research that guided them. Our team is constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to solve our clients needs, and would love to hear your big ideas.


The findings in this report were ultimately produced and inspired by survey findings. Are you interested in asking those same questions of your audience? Reach out to our team and we can help guide you through that same process in gathering data from your customers, fans and other unique audiences. Feel free to contact us with the button above or emailing info@dimin.com.