Latest From The Lab | 07.17

At DI, we take innovation seriously. Some companies may claim to be innovative, but we walk the walk. Our Innovation Lab not only researches new products and experiential design approaches, but also builds, tests and re-tests those ideas. They’re fondly referred to as “The Lab” and they push the limits (and try some crazy things) every single day.

Here’s a collection of some of the most interesting/inspiring/just-plain-cool things they’ve seen recently.

Redesigning the GridironIt's the night before the world's first professional flag football game, and everything's going wrong. Not that it matters.

“…the flags pose a bigger problem. They use magnets and wireless radios to help referees pinpoint exactly where a ballcarrier went down. But the magnets won’t hold through the vinyl on the flag, and Velcro can’t stand up to the rigors of gameplay. League employees pace the sidelines here at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, debating a solution. Maybe Gorilla Glue?
Still, Lewis seems pleased.

He summons two people to a monitor propped up in the midfield tunnel to explain why. Chaos reigns on the field, but the broadcast feed looks gorgeous. The virtual first-down line holds in place. The swooping SkyCam looks almost Madden-like. The “Go Clock” that counts down the four seconds until the quarterback must pass or run works perfectly. Replays come from all angles just moments after each play. And with no helmets or pads in the way, viewers can see every grimace, every celebration, and frustrated harumph. It makes for great TV, which is all that really matters to Lewis.”
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Project Feature

‘The Parthenon of Banned Books’ / Marta Minujin

Kassel, Germany

“Minujín identified over 170 titles that were or are banned in different countries around the world, and constructed the full-size replica of the iconic temple from those books, plastic sheeting, and steel.
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