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At DI, we take innovation seriously. Some companies may claim to be innovative, but we walk the walk. Our Innovation Lab not only researches new products and experiential design approaches, but also builds, tests and re-tests those ideas. They’re fondly referred to as “The Lab” and they push the limits (and try some crazy things) every single day.

Here’s a collection of some of the most interesting/inspiring/just-plain-cool things they’ve seen recently.

WELCOME TO PANDORA, AVATARS ARE INCLUDEDWalt Disney Imagineering and James Cameron have built a whole new world

“The human brain isn’t accustomed to seeing mountains floating in the sky, so it’s hard to process exactly what you’re seeing the first time you step into Pandora: The World of Avatar. The latest addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is mostly hidden as you walk the rest of the grounds, but cross the right bridge, and you’ll see those mountains, hovering off in the distance. It’s enough to cause a moment of legitimate cognitive dissonance: are they real? Is it an optical illusion? Are they actually floating?”

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Project Feature

Soft Touch Ice Cream / Plasma Nodo

Medelin, Colombia

“Traditional ice cream shop, the house of ice cream, a journey full of flavour, a journey to a place and a time where the moments are memorable.”
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Dimensional Innovations - Innovation Lab

Always an advocate for the end-user, The Lab brings industrial design expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Ideation, prototyping and, of course, the latest technology is at the core of what they do, all working together to enhance a user’s overall experience. Learn more about the Lab.

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