When 2017 rolled in, cries of “Retail is dead! The brick-and-mortar store has met its end!” could be heard across the land. And for a while, as many big-box retailers closed their doors or severely cut retail locations, it was looking like the rumors could be true. Fear not—while a decline may have been in sight—retail isn’t dying, just evolving.

Creating that experience for consumers while shopping and dining—or using the space to read and relax—will keep them coming back. More outdoor, experience-based spaces are the “new and improved” model for urban shopping malls. [Emerging Trends in Urban Shopping, 07/2017]

With the recent changes in the way customers shop, retailers have had to reassess their tactics. We’ve seen a shift into creating full experiences, instead of just urging customers to buy, buy, buy—a trend we can definitely get behind. It’s no longer a buyer-seller relationship but more of an exclusive club customers are joining by shopping.

We’ve gathered up some of the prevalent trends (or #goals, one might say) that 2017 has presented. To learn more, download DI’s full 2018 Retail Trends Forecast below.

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