How Master Brand Storytellers are key to creating environments that match the energy your student-athletes bring to the game.

The role of athletic facilities in college athletics has evolved: they’re no longer just a commodity. Instead, athletic facilities now embody the mission of the department they serve and where the leaders of tomorrow are made. They’re a training center for athletes, a place of learning, a strategic space for coaches, a recruiting technique to engage prospective students and a unique, emotional experience for players, coaches, family, alumni and fans.

These multifaceted buildings are coupled with both power and purpose: they represent you to all who enter. They help extend the reach and goals of the athletics programs, while sharing a history of excellence. This is why the traditional, project-by-project approach of brand storytelling is out of date, and a holistic approach has become vital.

At Dimensional Innovations, we’ve identified a key role that changes the game as you approach the design of these spaces: Master Brand Storytellers.

Their role is to provide both strategic and storytelling direction when planning athletic facility designs or redesigns, and help guide the execution of those ideas from start to finish. With this role in place, you have comprehensive discussions from day one with the right people at the table—planning design, budgets, design, installation, technology and narrative with each other.  As we’ve weaved this role into our process, we’ve discovered three major benefits for universities that you should take into consideration:


One of our most important goals as your Master Brand Storyteller is making sure every vision we share and facility we build adheres to cohesive, universal design standards and guidelines. Complimenting our visuals, implementing consistent language, tone and voice all increase and reestablish brand equity—or the value that our students, athletes and fans perceive from what we’re creating.

For the University of Pittsburgh, establishing parameters that guide the design of all athletic facility storytelling has set the roadmap for success as the campus rebrands its space. Each court, office, room and facility is created—even if over several years—under a singular, Pitt-approved, design style.


And even though unity and cohesive branding is key, universities do themselves a disservice if they don’t allow each organization or sport share their own story. Master Brand Storytellers help each individual group find a way to celebrate their unique successes and history, all under the  larger institution’s umbrella. Smart constraints are the catalyst for better creativity, and for the University of Florida, each unique space is being created up to the Gator Standard. From the women’s softball complex to the men’s football locker room, each area is a celebration of its own team with a distinct Florida style.


The traditional project-by-project method just doesn’t cut it anymore. Master Brand Storytellers help create a comprehensive plan for your facilities; a plan that thinks beyond the immediate needs or the project happening right now. It takes into account the need to create development and design standards that can fit across a wide variety of structures and spaces—over a long time. Smart planning also leads to efficient spending and budgeting, as we help alleviate the potential for re-dos. Disjointed branding or projects without direction become problems of the past, and we can focus on doing the best job for a long time.

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