Using Iconic Lobby Elements for Corporate Storytelling

June 27, 2017

When was the last time you entered your business with a fresh set of eyes? What’s the first impression you give potential clients and employees when they walk in the door? Is is a true reflection of your culture and brand? Does it set the tone for the experience you want to create? Or, is it missing the mark?

As an experiential design firm, DI has helped several clients create iconic lobby elements and experiences that contribute to the overall brand story. Just as each company’s brand story is different, so are the approaches. Here are five examples of using lobby elements to set the stage for storytelling.

This 30-foot-tall milk sculpture resembles milk being poured from the ceiling to the floor, creating a conversational piece for guests and setting the tone for additional storytelling elements inside the lobby of the new world headquarters for Dairy Farmers of America.    View Project Details

This artistic sculpture is a dramatic welcome to all those entering the space and a visual reminder to employees of the company’s primary objective – creating organization from chaos.    View Project Details

To get into the Big Ten you have to literally go through the Big Ten, creating a sense of place and setting the stage for fun interactive experience.      View Project Details

Incorporating technology allows endless possibilities to not only showcase their rich company history, but also their cultural focus on employee contributions.    View Project Details