Valuing Fan Experience Spaces

April 25, 2017

By Drew Berst, Director of Collegiate Sports & Fan Experience Solutions
This article appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of SEAT, an ALSD publication.

Deciding how to assign value to certain spaces in a sports venue can be difficult. At Dimensional Innovations, we believe the first step must be establishing the competitive advantages of our client’s “product” – the live sporting event experience.

The key differentiators between a sporting event and competing entertainment options are team, passion, and community. We all know winning matters, but even more important than championships and titles, teams represent our communities and tribes. They give us bragging rights. Fans want to be an extended member of the team.

Sports fans are incredibly passionate. There are very few places in our lives where screaming, crying, shouting, hugging strangers, or obnoxious high-fives are completely acceptable. We want to accentuate and build upon that passion so fans continue to come back for more.

Above all else, fans want to feel they are a part of something bigger. They want to belong. Even more so, they want to belong to sub-groups within the larger fan base. In a sea of 80,000 people, or even 5,000 people, fans only have the capacity to connect directly with a few hundred. We need to help them make those connections to find their passionate sub-tribes.

By understanding the need to create these spaces for fans to connect, we can then frame our solutions accordingly, and determine how to value spaces. In other words, everything we do must enhance the key differentiators, and therefore, the overall experience.

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