Corporate Headquarters

Hy-Vee, one of the largest supermarket chains in the Midwest, has a rich history of excellence in customer service, community involvement, and as many know from their slogan that originated in the 1960s—“A helpful smile in every aisle.” Sharing their storied history and awards, while also recognizing long-time employees and company leaders was the central focus when renovating and expanding the conference center inside their West Des Moines, Iowa headquarters.

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John Doe - CEO, Acme Inc.

Dimensional Innovations was responsible for designing and building a tech-heavy experience in the entry area that has the flexibility to evolve with the company. Conference center visitors along with current and former Hy-Vee employees can interact with 20 motion-activated touch screens, as well as six 360-degree NanoLumen screens within the space. Features include a 40-Year Wall interactive where visitors can search for any individual who has been with Hy-Vee for 40 years or more, historical artifacts, and interactive videos featuring the leadership team as well as the founders.