Missouri Tigers

Athletics Training Complex

After having multiple architects work on the Mizzou Athletics Training Complex (MATC) at the University of Missouri, the building had a very disconnected graphic look. Dimensional Innovations and Populous were hired on to graphically unify the building, from the way trophies were displayed, to All American representation, to displaying current team rosters for all of Mizzou’s sports teams.

The most interesting piece of the project was the lobby renovation that opened up the lobby space with a singular grade trophy case and the interactive Total Athlete Wall.

The Total Athlete touchscreen has been used as a recruiting experience as well as an informational database for current MU athletes, visitors and donors. Comprised of eight tiled monitors with a single touch foil covering, the experience stretches 15 feet and uses a rich, interactive database to tell the story of all 21 school sports. Visitors are greeted with a life-size, pacing (and roaring) animated tiger that engages the user via proximity sensors.

The wall and improved building graphics and displays serve as a comprehensive recruiting tool that appeals to prospective students with a dynamic, evolving message. It also engages student athletes deeper in MU Athletics, highlights the school’s achievements for visitors and donors and, overall, gives the entire building an unbeatable “wow” factor.