Times Square Branding Activation

Dimensional Innovations partnered with Sprint and Samsung to create a large-scale model of the Instinct mobile phone that was sure to catch the eye of everyone.

Located in iconic Times Square, this 3-D active display is 94 times its actual size and looks identical to the phone. The phone screen is an LED monitor that streamed live video, grabbing the attention of a crowded Times Square.

The overwhelming amount of advertisements in Times Square required a unique approach ensuring Sprint and Samsung received the attention it needed.
In the end this 3-D interactive display was an incredible success for our clients.

…the Hy-Vee Hot Zone is a memorable experience because of some of the elements that were implemented for the first time; such as the use of the fire in the stage and signage, the Airstream, and the heavy use of technology in the space.

Daniel Willrich, AIA, Asst. Director, Store Architecture Hy-Vee, inc

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