Experiential Branding

How does a storied NCAA basketball program stay attractive to recruits? In 2017, Texas Athletics made several upgrades to its basketball facilities before the 2017-18 season. Dimensional Innovations provided branded graphics and signage to breathe new life into the 44,000-square-foot Denton A. Cooley Pavilion, a dedicated practice and training facility. The upgrades are designed to enhance the student-athlete experience and serve as a highlight during the recruitment tour by reinforcing the Longhorn brand. Edwards + Mulhausen Interior Design provided additional design updates to the space.

Can we talk for a minute about Kevin Durant? Speaking of highlights during the recruitment tour, seeing the space dedicated to Kevin Durant, sets the stage for joining a winning program. By working with Coach Smart and his staff, DI helped personify the culture they wanted to present. Celebrating player success was important, but equally important was showing what it took to be successful at Texas. Focusing on hard work, education, and team allowed DI’s solution to give Coach Smart just what he needed – a vision of what could be for his players (success in life, or the NBA), but only if they are willing to put in the effort today. The solution was applied to all of the basketball spaces, including the practice gym, meeting rooms, and corridors.

The upgrades to the Texas Basketball facilities demonstrate the commitment that The University of Texas has to both basketball programs. The investment in these upgrades will provide the necessary assets for our student-athletes and enhance a game day experience that Texas fans expect.

Texas Men's Interim Athletics Director Mike Perrin

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