Athletic Department + Hall of Fame

DI worked with Iowa State University’s (ISU) athletic department to bring their program to life inside the Jacobson Athletic Building, a facility which houses offices for the entire athletic department and coaching staff, as well as the Louis Menze Hall of Fame.

In 2016, ISU began opening the Jacobson Athletic Building during football games, providing fans access to completely move around Jack Trice Stadium for the first time. Prior to the change, fans were limited to the side of the stadium they entered. Now fans can explore the facility that celebrates key moments, and notable wins in ISU’s history. A can’t miss feature is the 24-foot-tall cyclone that houses all of the school’s Big 12 team championship trophies. Colorful ceiling tiles also created a stunning visual to honor all of their conference championships. Fans can also see the trophy case for the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Trophy and a pylon with short descriptions about the school song, school colors, Cy, and the school nickname.

It will allow our fans – for the first time in the history of Jack Trice Stadium – to be able to go around the entire stadium inside the stadium.

Jamie Pollard, Director of Athletics for Iowa State University

The Louis Menze Hall of Fame, also designed and fabricated by DI, features an embedded cyclone structure displaying the names of all the Hall of Fame inductees. Visitors can use a large touchscreen monitor to find bios, photos and videos of the Hall of Fame inductees. Additionally, the space houses championship trophies, ISU Olympian information, and much more insight into the storied past of ISU athletics.

Watch this video to learn more about the project. DI was proud to partner with ISU on their locker room and Sukup End Zone Club as well. Learn more about those projects here.