Ash Grove Cement Company

Experience Design + Interactives

How do you make a cement company cool? Ash Grove is one of the leaders in cement located throughout the mid-west and western United States. With over 100 years of experience and history to showcase, they needed an improved way to make a first impression in their corporate office. Dimensional Innovations was pleased to partner with Ash Grove to create a new entry and lobby experience that combined modern with industrial. Featuring a mixture of physical displays and interactive touchscreens, the refreshed lobby pays homage to the importance of cement and Ash Grove’s extensive reach across the country.

With the separation between the first-floor lobby and the third-floor reception desk, signage and wall graphics were added to guide visitors to the correct location. A large-scale, dimensional Ash Grove logo instantly creates a sense of place. Walls have been treated with a form of cement produced by Ash Grove, elevating them from just plain walls to another way to showcase the company’s work. The stairwell’s wall graphics feature images of the plants and the molecular diagrams of the materials they work with.

Physical displays include artifacts dating back to the World’s Fair (!), examples of each of the materials required to create cement, and tools of the trade. Having these items on display gives instant recognition and familiarity to those employees visiting from off-site and are educational for new visitors.

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One of the largest additions to the space was the interactive screens featuring a variety of unique content—including an interactive timeline, map, and a digital, 3-D model displaying the process of creating cement. The timeline marks the heritage and important events of the company’s over-a-century of history. The interactive map allows users to see the locations of Ash Grove plants and offices across the country. By clicking on a location, they can dive deeper into information, photos, and even drone video featuring that plant. These installations act as a source of pride for current employees—allowing them to pin-point their own place of work; as a recruitment tool for potential employees—showing all the incredible work Ash Grove is doing across the country; and as a space for visitors to learn about the brand and their mission.

Dimensional Innovations was pleased to partner with Centric Projects and MC Realty on this project.