Boulevard Brewery

Tour + Recreation Center

Kansas City’s own, Boulevard Brewing Company, wanted to create a space for their visitors that paid tribute to their company’s history and reflected the KC scene. This project is special because so many local companies were involved. Dimensional Innovations worked with Helix Architecture + Design, Hammer Out Design, Carpenter Collective, Jamie Jeffries Construction, The Wood Lot, and Midtown Signs.

This new tours and recreation center’s lobby is full of artifacts connected to Kansas City’s history of brewing beer and interactive educational displays showing how beer is made and teaching people about the ingredients that go into it. It has far more space than the former visitor center, which allows Boulevard to conduct twice as many tours every year.

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The space includes DI custom pieces like “The Stories Behind the Beer”, where ten, diamond-shaped wood panels rotate displaying the history of each Boulevard beer. Other features like, the “Key Ingredients” wall, allow visitors to see, smell and taste different grains and hops the company uses.

Over at the “Barrel Aging” display, the process of fermentation is shown by looking inside wine and whiskey barrels. The wall graphics through out make for iconic photo opportunities and the “Tour Starts Here” sign helps visitors prepare for their upcoming tour of the facility. DI also used various signage, custom artifact cases and interactive spaces and screens, that all come together to help convey Boulevard’s story.