Cinemark Theatres

Signage + Interior Design

Dimensional Innovations is proud to have a long-term partnership with Cinemark Theatres. Since 1998, DI has completed numerous signage and interior design projects for Cinemark in the U.S., South America, and the Caribbean.

As work with Cinemark grows, DI continues to focus on program management as a core strength. Teams of dedicated designers, engineers, fabricators and installers manage entire signage rollouts and re-branding efforts for multiple theaters. DI’s experienced project managers work to make sure our signage and interior solutions are on time and on budget.

…the Hy-Vee Hot Zone is a memorable experience because of some of the elements that were implemented for the first time; such as the use of the fire in the stage and signage, the Airstream, and the heavy use of technology in the space.

Daniel Willrich, AIA, Asst. Director, Store Architecture Hy-Vee, inc

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