Cleveland Clinic Children's

Interactive Experience

Cleveland Clinic Children’s, the first freestanding outpatient center for the Cleveland Clinic, features two interactive motion walls designed and built by DI.

Hospital management had the challenge of creating an experience within the lobbies on their first and second floors that could entertain patients and their siblings for an extended time, while also feeling flexible enough that when a patient was called for their appointment, they didn’t feel like they were missing out on a game or an ending. DI’s solution was an interactive motion wall that responds to slow movements by the users arms and legs to blend together blue, red, and yellow colors as if mixing paint or pouring colors into water.

Additionally, the interactive motion wall was also designed to slow children down and encourage them to make controlled, thoughtful movements, keeping the space peaceful and minimizing over-stimulation.

DI’s technology team partnered with well-known Danish designer and artist, Per Arnoldi, to conceptualize the design and match color specifications for consistency with his signage and wayfinding work throughout the new building.

Using gesture-tracking technology and high-end Barco displays, the color remains vivid, even with natural light and allows for a highly-engaging interactive experience without the need for physical touch, minimizing the potential spread of infections.

The construction manager for Cleveland Clinic Children’s was Turner Construction, and the architect was HKS Architects.

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