DMH Advertising

Office Renovation - DI Build

How do you keep working when you need work done? Five years after moving into the third floor of the Telegram Building in Kansas City’s West Bottoms, Diamond Merckens Hogan (DMH) Advertising’s office was feeling the pressure of overcrowding as they continued to grow. The option of finding a new building came and went—none were the right fit—so they turned inward to their current building, working with the current tenants and landlord to question what updates could be made.

The decision was made to expand their office to occupy the second and third floors, with employees remaining on the third floor and creating office and meeting spaces on the second floor. Having an existing relationship with the space, DMH understood their pre-existing pain points of lacking places to meet and having a quiet conversation.

DI Build was brought on as a general contractor for the renovation of the tenant space. Brian Merckens, Partner at DMH, spoke to the ease of deciding on DI Build’s Kevin Istas as the right guy: “Understanding the drawings, understanding what we were looking for and figured out what the price tag should be. It was in the range that we needed it to be, and went from there. Pretty easy decision once [Kevin] came in and sort of took over the project.”

DI Build worked with DMH’s schedule to build the new space while the office was still occupied, taking care to be sure business operations weren’t halted during construction. With Kevin on-site all the critical moments to ensure quality, DMH’s new space came together with the crisp simplicity they envisioned—straight walls, clean corners, and smooth paint—and ready just in time for their 10-year anniversary party.

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