How do you honor baseball’s all-time greats? Well, if you’re the Kansas City Royals, you design a Hall of Fame exhibit worthy of the legends and fans who’ve sported blue. And since 2006, the Kansas City Royals have called on their KC neighbors, Dimensional Innovations, to hit it out of the ballpark. But don’t take our word for it, grab your tickets to the show.

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Going to a baseball game is about more than wins and losses, it’s about how fans feel when they leave. Dimensional Innovations knows how important the fan experience is, so every element of the hall of fame is designed with that in mind. Fans are invited to learn about the Boys in Blue, starting with an impressive ash wood wall engraved with headlines from Kansas City newspapers dating back to 1884 and vitrine display cases filled with unique, historical artifacts.

And finally, a 4-foot diameter cut-away baseball breaks down the make-up of a ball and a “please touch” exhibit on the evolution of baseball bats and gloves. At the center of the exhibit roster is a giant #5 honoring Hall of Famer George Brett’s 3,154 major league hits in the shape of his retired number. And since 2015, everyone can feel like a champion with an accessible exhibit that showcases the World Series Championship trophy.


For over ten years, Dimensional Innovations has transformed Kauffman Stadium’s 7,000-sq-ft, two-story hall of fame into a home run fan experience. And with every project, DI helps turn bandwagon fans into season pass holders and season pass holders into even more loyal Royals. As fans, we know heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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