Crisler Center + Fan Experience

Combining innovative design with the latest interactive technology, Dimensional Innovations helped the University of Michigan create a fan experience unlike any other.

Dynamic visual graphics, content storytelling and branded design in 20 different, customized digital interactives touchscreens make the Crisler Center arena and adjoining 55,000-square-foot Player Development Center memorable fan environments. One-of-a-kind motion graphics and interface architecture featuring Michigan greats engage all the user’s senses in both single kiosk installations and expansive video walls.

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Part of a recently completed major facility renovation, the digital storytelling interactives installed include 17, one-screen interactive concourse experiences, two eight-feet by 20-feet Hall of Fame showcases, and a three-screen-wide interactive wall in the Basketball Player Development Center.

The interactives’ custom content engages fans, recruits, students, and alumni in exploring all 21 university sports. DI also created a Kids Zone fan experience for the smallest members of the Wolverine community.