Minnesota Vikings

Vikings Museum

The Minnesota Vikings have a rich and storied history going back to their first season in 1961. After accumulating a vast collection of historical memorabilia, the Vikings leadership needed a space to showcase these commemorative displays and capture the incredible moments in Vikings history to share with new generations of fans.

DI led the entire design and build process of the Vikings Museum, which opened in July 2018 in Eagan, Minnesota right between the Twin Cities Orthopedics building and The Training Haus within the Vikings Lakes development. Leading the way on a larger trend within the NFL, the Vikings Lakes multi-use development will continue to grow with the addition of office space, multi-family housing, a conference center hotel, retail, and restaurants creating a year-round destination for fans to connect and experience the Vikings’ story and brand outside of game day.

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The Vikings Museum is centered around storytelling, and combines physical artifacts and displays with moments of interactive technology that bring the stories to life in an engaging manner through audio and video that are responsive to touch. The challenge was appealing to a broad audience and making sure a 10-year-old had just as much fun as a 70-year-old reliving their own Vikings’ memories. Several photo opportunities, such as the Gatorade wall, encourage fans of all ages to share their experience using #VikingsMemories. The visually stunning areas, such as the “Frozen in Time” exhibit which holds the jerseys and trophies from the players with retired numbers within ice carved columns, will continue to draw not only fans, but those curious to learn more.

SRA Architects served as the architect on this project. In 2016, Dimensional Innovations partnered with the Minnesota Vikings to create the Vikings Voyage fan experience inside U.S. Bank Stadium.