Pro Athlete Inc.

Corporate Office + Logo Branding

Fellow KC-based company, Pro-Athlete Inc., is an e-commerce company focused on baseball that specializes in the customer experience. They were in need of a lobby transformation that showcased their company history while also creating an internal experience like none other for their dedicated employees.

Pro Athlete invited DI to join in on their company culture, thus allowing us to create a trusted and collaborative relationship and a design that goes above and beyond. The new lobby consists of entry wall graphics, flat cut outs, six free-standing display cases to house significant baseball bats, a timeline wall, a hall of fame, a scoreboard display case and distressed wood paneling throughout. With this first phase completed, we are in the process of designing even more engaging additions to the Pro Athlete office to come in 2017.

After completing the first phase of the lobby redesign, Pro-Athlete came to us with a whole new challenge: to redesign their company logo.

“We asked them to design us a new logo, but what we received was so much more,” said Spokesperson for Pro Athlete.

Pro Athlete, appreciates things with a deeper meaning and the new logo we designed also came with a story behind it. The new logo is shaped as a home plate with 12 lines running through the design which represents their 12 core values.

DI was able to not only change the face of their new lobby, but completely refresh their brand into something sleek, meaningful and lasting.

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