Health House

Interactive Fitness

Health House, a local rowing studio, partnered with experiential design and technology firm, Dimensional Innovations, to develop customized digital technology to enhance the workout experience at their new location in the Prairie Village Shops in Prairie Village, Kansas.  The new 4,800-square-foot space was designed by architect, KEM Studio.

Health House was looking for an improved solution for members to track their performance, and offer a higher level of customization. DI’s innovation and technology teams built an entirely new computer with an integrated LCD touch screen interface. The user-friendly interface will not only track user’s workouts, but it will also send an emailed summary to the user along with stats on improvements from previous workouts. Lighting was added under the water tank of the rowers that reflects the intensity of the workout during class. As the instructor leads the session, they can see at a glance who is working hard and who needs personalized encouragement based on the vibrancy of the blue lights. A light blue light slowly builds to bright blue as the stroke rate increases, a white light signifies that the stroke rate is too fast.

…the Hy-Vee Hot Zone is a memorable experience because of some of the elements that were implemented for the first time; such as the use of the fire in the stage and signage, the Airstream, and the heavy use of technology in the space.

Daniel Willrich, AIA, Asst. Director, Store Architecture Hy-Vee, inc

The rowing studio is also home to a 58-foot by 8-foot video wall. Between classes, the video wall will show a high intensity attract loop with custom motion graphics branded for Health House. During class, the video transitions to appear as if the rowers on the machines are actually on the water through animation and computer generated images. The wall interacts with the class using information that is received live from the rowing machines. The dynamically generated water will increase speed and add waves based on the average speed of the class. As the class progresses, a leaderboard appears with the top five rowers in the class, a way to motivate the class to either put themselves on that leaderboard or retain their place. Total distance and row time of the class will also populate the screen.

When combined with amenities, including a lounge area, T.Loft bar, changing rooms, showers, and child care for morning classes, the new Health House will be a one-of-kind fitness experience in Kansas City.