City of Lincoln

Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska is home to the nationally recognized University of Nebraska football team. Wanting to leverage televised football events, the city was seeking a memorable and visible representation of the city with this project. The ability to generate aerial views of this artistic expression of the city was a must.

When viewed from the sky, the 611-foot-long bridge spells “Lincoln”. Designed by Dimensional Innovations, the bridge letters include 43 tons of steel, use 6,000 LED lights and serve as a centerpiece to a restored part of Lincoln. While many see a pedestrian bridge as simply utilitarian, the city uses this structure to connect and inspire its citizens.

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The 18 foot-tall letters appear on the sides and top of the bridge. Associated with each letter, DI used quotes from famous Nebraskans to celebrate the city’s rich cultural history. During the day, the letters are illuminated by the sun and by night, they light the bridge, turning an otherwise large steel structure into a beautiful landmark.

What was once a cold utilitarian structure is now a space that connects people to ideas and history, memorable for generations to come.